satan's tears taste like coffee milk

by the font club

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i probably shouldn't care anymore, but i wrote some songs about it anyway.


released May 26, 2016

all songs by bootlegged waters, except track one by bootlegged waters and peter timberlake.

vocals performed by dante joseph, except spoken word on track i and backing vocals on track iv by michael joseph.
music performed by michael joseph, except hand percussion on all tracks by dante joseph.

produced by michael joseph and nobody's coming to dinner. additional production by scott marano and peter timberlake.

photography and design by michael joseph, except photography for track iv by erica alberti and cover art photograph by alyssa st. franc.

© 2015-2016 nobody's coming to dinner. all rights reserved.

recorded in the dining room and walsh 201 with additional recording at ductwork, july 2014 – april 2016.



all rights reserved


the font club Providence, Rhode Island

est. 2013, providence, ri.
dante joseph on vox, his brother michael on everything else.

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Track Name: The Foreboding Sounds of Minor Chords
I feel it comin’
I hear these voices in the night
They’re tryin’a reach me
Not sure I’ll make it to daylight

So don’t you leave me here
Cuz I can’t make it on my own

I keep my eyes peeled
I’m gonna show ‘em what I am
But I’m still glued here
Knowing that I am just one man

So don’t you leave me here
Cuz I can’t make it on my own
And don’t you leave me here
Cuz I can’t get through this alone

Oh don’t you worry
She said she’s coming for me
She’s leaving him behind
Our life will be so lovely

Oh she’s so honest
Things are finally going right
I’ve been waiting for this
For forty days and endless nights

Into the darkness
Honey, don’t cry for me
This is something new, something I must do alone
So won’t you leave me here?
Track Name: Did I Just Watch A Man Die?
I’m standin’ on the corner of Arlington and Fifth,
A few blocks down from where the angels sit
Cryin’ to myself, hoping this ain’t all I have left

I wonder if my friends still think of me,
And I hope that love is all it’s cracked up to be
I’d hate to waste this time while I’m still so young

I look out to the hallway, and what do I see?
I see a dozen empty rooms staring back at me
I think we were mistaken when we called each other friends

Shapes move in the dark,
Bodies fall to the ground
I hope I’m not the only one around

Did I just watch a man die,
Right in front of my eyes?
I’d like to tell you I’m sorry,
I was stunned and I was short on time

I feel like I should maybe help myself
But after all these years of troublesome health
I’m worried I might be finally beyond saving

And I’m terrified I’ll become one of them,
Just an empty soul going through the motions again
Hiding things that can’t stay hid forever


I got a question,
I don’t think I want the answer
It’s hard enough with my own life up in the air

Did I just watch a man die?
Right in front of my eyes?
I’d like to tell you I’m sorry,
I was stunned and I was short on time

If this is all that I have,
All the time I got left,
I’d like to spend it with you, love,
I’m a wreck and you can get me well
Track Name: (I Guess You're Gonna Miss) The Panty Raid
I’m feelin’ kinda anxious tonight
This city ain’t doin’ me right
So I’m thinkin’ that I wanna try something new

So baby put on your finest gown
Get ready to get shut down
It’s exciting even though it’s all we ever do

Don’t worry about the future
We’re too young for that to matter
Stop wasting my time
Tryin’a help me get a life

It’s funny how quickly we bonded
It’s easy when there’s so much in common
At least as far as I can tell from what I know of you

But not that it really matters
I’ll just meet you where the others are gathered
When I get there, be sure you’ve already had a few

Don’t worry about the future
We’re too young for that to matter
We’re too busy feelin’ fine
Tryin’ not to get a life

Never worry about the future
I’m too young for that to matter
I guess everyone was right –
This is how you get a life
Track Name: Who's the Rat Bastard Who Ordered a Soft Drink?
Put down your wine, my friends
Put down your soda
They say it’s time, my friends
We must get going

I miss your bright blue eyes
I miss the way you spoke
I wish I’d caught your name
I guess I’ll never know

Watch the sun set
Across the loch
I’m glad we found the time
To come along

And that we...
Wish we could...
I love how...
Even when things were falling apart,
They all seemed to go so well

It took us too much time
To get together
I should have figured out
It wouldn’t last forever

I should have held you
I should have tried
You should have said something
Before you cried

Watch the sun rise
From your bed
Today I swear to you
We’re gonna try again

So we can...
I miss how...
Still love your...
Even when things were falling apart,
They all seemed to go so well
Track Name: You Can't Bedazzle Your Yarmulke and Expect to Be Subtle About It
You look so beautiful in that dress, but I don’t care that you’re with her
Every now and then I take a second guess but I doubt that it would work
Cuz you and me, we got history, but not like that at all
So every now and then I take a second guess but it drops and I let it fall

I didn’t know what was coming to me when we pulled up to her house
Along the lake with the dozens of people aimlessly milling about
With one exception, your friends were delightful, we got along just fine
I think I can relax and enjoy this ride through your town on the seaside

The sequins are blinding and the view is amazing, yeah, it’s everybody's wedding night
I see her glaring from across the room, let’s try and avoid a fight
Two A.M., we’re all drunk on exhaustion, so let the music play
Slowly fade into a carefree fog, recharge and greet the day

I think your soul
Is in need of some answers
I hope I’m wrong,
But if not, I hope you find them

You looked so beautiful in that dress, now I hope that you’re alright
I just wanna thank you once again for the best night of my life
Track Name: Tórshavn
I wanna fly away
To the airport in your city
Don’t care what they say
I just want you with me

Your eyes looking into mine,
Your hand in my hand
I’ve got so much to worry about
But that’s my only plan

Lie to me
Tell me you’re alright
I mean, darling
Take my hand
On this perfect night

I wish that I had something more to say
Some great poetic lines
I’m afraid I’ll always stay this way: I’m in love with you,
And I hope that you don’t mind

Oh and someday
We’ll be sitting on our back porch overlooking the bay
In our city
It’s so small but we see everything it could be
This will be perfect…
But first I gotta get there
Track Name: If There's Nothing Out There,
I walked around the block last night,
About a dozen times
I tried my best to figure out
Just what I’ve left behind

Cuz things seem so familiar
That I’m not familiar with
I wish this was a dream,
That I could wake up from all this

But if it isn’t going to happen, why have we let it get this far?
And if it isn’t worth the effort, why are we trying so hard?
And if all I’ve done is worthless, why’s there so much I enjoy?
And if there’s nothing out there, what was that noise?

The only thing I thought about
All day today was you
I wish I didn’t have to wait
To do what I wanted to

And there are times I wonder
Why you stay like this with me
Things might be so easy
If we let each other be


You sway into the room
And you lay down on the floor
Don’t worry, we won’t say a word
We’ve seen this side of you before

Oh lovely, what are you on?
I hope it’s not too strong
I’d hate to see you wreck yourself so soon

We’re all so far from home
So I guess we’re not alone
This is gonna take some getting used to